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Unions Frame Republican Legislation As Attack On Middle Class

Posted to on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Michigan State Police arrested 11 people Wednesday evening for trespassing at the state capitol. 4,000 people had been protesting emergency financial manager legislation the governor has signed. Chris McCarus reports.

Ed Johnson worked for 30 years in several General Motors plants. Most have been demolished.. Including one in Flint, site of the sit down strike of 1937. Johnson says those hard fought gains are being lost.

“There was a reason why our dads and grand-dads had to quit work in the eighth grade. And we’re not very far away from that again. We’re probably gonna have to have our kids and grand kids cutting school early just to bring wages into the family for a family to survive. How can American people vote for stuff like that? Good Lord!”

The new laws could allow private companies to take over cities. They would cancel contracts with police, firefighters and teachers. Elected officials could be dismissed.

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