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DNRE Director Leaves Land Stewardship Legacy

Posted to on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

INTRO: Michigan’s top conservation officer has resigned.. She has served 7 years as DNR Director… appointed by the governor. Michigan Now’s Chris McCarus has more.

Rebecca Humphries began her career with the Department of Natural Resources in 1978. She was a property specialist in the real estate division. As director, she brokered the Big U.P Deal that preserved 271,000 acres. The deal allowed sportsmen to use the land and loggers to cut down trees and generate tax revenue. This was Humphries at a celebration near Taquemenon in 2006, though it wasn’t finalized until this September.

“We are taking a portion of the property rights that are of most benefit to us and keeping those in perpetuity and allowing the other property rights to be managed through the private sector. It’s an innovate approach that allows us to spread our dollars a lot further and still protect the land base for generations.”

Becky Humphries was a candidate for director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2008. She’s an avid hunter and fisher. In January, she’ll become director of the Midwest and Atlantic office of Ducks Unlimited in Ann Arbor.

I’m Chris McCarus in Lansing.

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