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Gardening in a Detroit Adopt-a-Lot

Posted to on Sunday, December 6, 2009

In the neighborhood where Mark Covington grew up in Detroit, neighbors took care of neighbors. And parents kept their kids on a tight leash. Covington is working to restore a bit of that “old school” way of doing things.

Utilizing Detroit’s Adopt-a-Lot program, Mark and his neighbors created the Georgia Street Community Garden. They planted vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to take food from the garden free of charge. The garden also serves as a gathering place for free movies and haircuts, storytelling for kids, and potluck suppers.

Covington now wants to restore a wrecked, abandoned convenience store into a community center. He’s already got the labor donated. Now all he needs is $30,000 worth of supplies. Michigan Now contributor Zak Rosen reports from Detroit. (This story first aired on The World Vision Report)

Audio MP3: Gardening in a Detroit Adopt-a-lot

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