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Amy Cortese has dug into a subject that touches Michigan perhaps more than any other state. The home of homegrown jobs lost 1 million of them from 2000-2010. Cortese has a formula for growing new ones. The Edward Lowe Foundation in Cassopolis has long talked about 'economic gardening.' But even that is top down compared to what Cortese writes about. This week she's speaking in Seattle.

Can Crowdfunding Give Capitalism a Good Name?

Clean energy crowd thinks it will help them.

Oakland County tends to be friendly to mass transit funding in the southeast along Woodward Ave. The rest of the county tends to view transit as a waste.

SMART Millage Plan Sparks Debate

Makes some people want to fight slavery, others fight government.

Landy has blueprints drawn for Cass Tech High School in 1919. Landy tried to help Cass alumni save the building from the wrecking ball in 2011.

Sue, Sell And Less To Landfills

“I’ll sue you,” says Detroit mayor at school building workshop, appealing to investors not speculators.

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Hillegonds (R-Holland) at microphone with fellow RTA board members Roy Rose of Macomb and Alma Wheeler Smith, herself a former senator and representative, of Washtenaw County. Hillegonds was required to report to the legislature 1 year after the governor named him RTA chair.

No $2 Million for RTA. Maybe Later.

“Children on street corners waiting for buses….trying to get an education but can’t…”

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Ohio Transit is Model for Mi

Detroiters take fact finding field trip to Cleveland BRT

2016 Until Transit Referendum

“Lot of kids are missing school…” because of poor transit.

Ice Dams Make Traffic Jams

Residents optimistic new mayor will improve services

Wrecking Ball Likely for Hospital Complex

Albert Kahn designed hospital intact. But city and scrappers itching to cash it out.

“I Love Sprawl” pledge by L. Brooks

Embracing absurdity

New Ideas but No New CEO for RTA

John Hertel never took job offered to him.


Record Black Buffalo Fish Caught

Pulled from Kalamazoo River

DNR continues tradition of women's archery

1937 photo courtesy of MSU archives

Turtle City Biologists

Plan to release oil-contaminated turtles

2013 Detroit River Water Festival

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